If you're looking for swank fashion, the hottest/picturesque brunch spots, and elite networking events....this is your hangout.  The Jeunesse Dorée Series is the bible for the lady (or man) who wants to know how to properly mix some prints, slay a brunch date, where to go for that brunch date, and which events cater to the chic and creative. I am Jazmine Boutte - a native of New Orleans, LA and a lifestyle blogger.  My journey began with my love for fashion and has now evolved into a brunch series, a creative event series, and more! I'm on a mission to bring major fashion awareness to my city all while highlighting my favorite brunch venues, uniting creatives through networking events, and everything cute in between.  New Orleans is such a colorful place that has tons of culture to offer in terms of food, fashion, and talented people.  My job is to fashionably place all of that culture and more (for those seeking that information) in one series....The JD Series.