Creative Link Up Series - May

My third link up was held at the Rebellion Bar & Urban Kitchen. When I worked in the area about 4 years ago it it was a burger joint, however it has been beautifully transformed. There are some perfect purple couches in the front of the restaurant and dope paintings hanging on the walls. It was the perfect space to host a bunch of creatives. The food is pretty good, drinks are bomb and the music is nice. Shout out to Britt the bartender. I told her what I had a taste for and she said I got you… try our Love Potion #9. It was delicious but fair warning it involves TEQUILA!

Love Potion Number 9 at Rebellion Bar and Grill

Love Potion #9

I had a great turnout for this event. I even had someone travel from Baton Rouge. I met some dope people and made new connections. I love hosting these events because it gives individuals in similar fields to vibe out and discuss the ups and downs of their fields. Someone even told me they needed this event. It came at the right time and was inspired even more after attending the event. Comments like that make my day!

For my look I wanted something fun and creative! I went with a Lime Green Transparent Jacket which is currently on sale, and Pink Faux Leather Skirt from Pretty Little Thing. Pink and Green just flows together so well wouldn’t you say…haha. I paired the look with my favorite sparkly sneakers from Ego Official! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Saints vs Sinners

Typically I don't make a big deal about my birthday but I am always looking for reasons to dress up! I decided to do a Saints vs Sinners themed dinner party. Not sure why but the idea just came to me. I wanted the dinner to be a little fancy so I ordered chargers, designed place cards and ordered custom saints and sinners tags from Etsy! I initially booked a reservation at the Saints & Sinners restaurant on Bourbon. I visited the restaurant a month before, it looked nice on the inside but I couldn't stomach walking on Bourbon in my beautiful birthday dress and heels. Now I don't want ya'll thinking I am bougie but Bourbon literally makes me nauseous. I have a weak stomach and the smell along with the filthy ground doesn't help. No shade to anyone who still fancies Bourbon but I am just a long way from my college days. I use to be strapped with my sunflower seeds though.

Birthday Dinner at Saints vs Sinners Dinner Party

Birthday Dinner at Saints vs Sinners Dinner Party

My next option was The Saint Hotel. I remembered they had a restaurant and knew it would be the perfect place. The hotel is gorgeous and there were so many photo opportunities. The restaurant is quite small though, nice but small. I had all of my guests rsvp as a Saint or Sinner. I told them they had to draw inspiration from their favorite saint or sinner and serve A LOOK! I gave each Saint a white rose and each Sinner a red rose. I also lined the table with red roses for some extra drama. Although the restaurant's decor was to die for the food wasn't. I ordered the beef wellington which was decent but a few of my guests didn't enjoy their meals.

For my look I knew I wanted to be a Saint! I drew my inspiration from Archangel Michael who is a Leader, Protector, and Champion. I remember seeing this white sequin dress with feathers when I was on the hunt for a look for The Glitz Mix from Pretty Little Thing. I went to the site hoping I would be lucky enough to purchase the dress. It was there but my size was sold out! I think I had a mini panic attack. I wanted the dress so bad that I ordered a larger size and got it altered. I'm ashamed to say how much I paid for alterations but it was worth it. To complete my look I needed a halo! I purchased a gold spiked crown inspired by Queen Bey from Etsy.

Pretty Little Thing Plus Size Angel.jpg

St. Michael Archangel

Leader. Protector. Champion

plus size angel collage.png

I want to thank my friends and cousin for always participating in and supporting all of my crazy ideas. You all definitely granted my request and served looks! Check out more scenes from my birthday below and let me know what you think

Photo Credit: Britt Smith Photography and Charles Creative Company Photography

The Glitz Mix 2

This year’s Glitz Mix was held at the Louisiana Children’s Museum. It was the perfect venue for the event. The Louisiana Children’s Museum will be moving to City Park soon so it was fun to relive our childhood on some of the signature exhibits such as Little Winn Dixie and the Bubble!

The JD Series x Justini Cocktails

The JD Series x Justini Cocktails

It’s always a pleasure to host this event with my girl boss PnC Jessica of Justini Cocktails. The event consisted of two floors of vendors, horderves by Chef Shaka Rogers, cocktails by Justini of course, a fashion show produced by my lovey Janae which featured a Glitz Collection by L’Jai Amor, Liquor Infused desserts by Jazzy Infusions and music by DJ Sugar Cookie! Guests also had the chance of winning $705 worth of jewelry from our sponsor Mignon Faget! This was the second year for the event and it was really successful.

I’m always here for a themed event so we encouraged our guests to don their “Glitziest Threads” and boy did they show out! I went for a Green Sequin Blazer Dress (similar) from Pretty Little Thing and completed the look with some rhinestone heels from Macy’s.

The JD Series in Pretty Little Thing Sequin Blazer Dress

The JD Series in Pretty Little Thing Sequin Blazer Dress

Check out some photos below from the event!

Special thank you to our sponsors Mignon Faget, Chef Shaka Rogers, Jazzy Infusions and Balloons New Orleans and a special thanks to everyone who supported and continue support me and all of my events.

Creatives Link Up - November

I had such a great turnout and response from the first Creatives Link Up that I decided to host a second one this month. I first found out about the Catahoula Boutique Hotel in February when I did my Birthday shoot. I immediately fell in love with the courtyard. From the furniture to the floors it’s really a dope space. I knew I wanted the event to be outside but I was torn between the Pisco Bar Courtyard and Rooftop. With New Orleans crazy weather I was really taking a chance with an outside event. I decided on the Rooftop and I am so glad I did.

Untitled design.png

We tried the Smashed Mala Cukes from Midnight Noodle. I’m starting to live a little when it comes to eating different dishes. It’s not something I would typically go for but it was pretty good. It was sort of like a spicy cucumber stir-fry. The drinks were pretty unique and delicious as well. My favorite is the Incan 75, it’s their take on the French 75.

I want to shoutout everyone who came out to the meet-up. It was a really good group. We had people from all career paths..bloggers, marketing execs, engineers, hospitality professionals, etc. You don’t have to be a blogger to come to this meet up. All creatives are welcome! I just ask that you come with an open mind and a willingness to mingle with some dope people.

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Jacket | Fashionnova

Dress | Forever 21 (similar)

Boots | ShoeNami (similar)

Big thanks to the Catahoula for letting me host the event there. The space would be perfect for any event and ya'll should definitely check it out. I haven't decided how often I will host these or where I want to see this event go but I'm just going with the flow and I like it. Check out more scenes below.

What's Your Type?

I have never been great at doing my own hair. I decided to go natural 3 years ago and the only style I have mastered is a puff! I decided to put more focus on my hair this year and try new styles. When Kineatra of NaturallyNex stated she would possibly be doing a Natural Hair event I’m like girl do it! Please! There are others like me who are clueless and need every bit of information we can get.

I call on Kineatra for everything natural hair related, from what products I should try to if I should detangle before washing. She never gets tired of those questions either so I am grateful!


The event was held at Nola Spaces and featured a Natural Hair panel of experts which included a chemist…yes a chemist, Natural Hair demos by Strawberri Curls, a music performance, free h’orderves by Chef Shaka, cocktails by Justini Cocktails, and a swag bag with a bunch of awesome brands from Shea Mositure, Auntie Jackie’s, Love of the People and more. I left her event with so much information and more confidence to try various styles!

For my look I put on a simple and comfy white pants romper from It's Fashion. White after Labor Day! *gasp*


Creatives Link Up

Anyone who knows me knows I love networking, meeting new people and learning from others. I started my monthly JD Brunch Series because I would see where blogger meet-ups were hosted but none of the attendees look like me. As the saying goes, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” So that’s what I did, I reached out to a few other bloggers, fashion and beauty influencers and the brunch series was formed. I’ve gotten such a huge interest from non-blogging creatives and male friends that I decided to kick off a Creatives Link Up Series.

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

The event was held at the Loa Bar located in the International House Hotel. I stumbled on the hotel while working during Essence. The lobby was extra comfy, smelled divine and Lauryn Hill playing at the bar….can you say sold?! I am always looking for picture worthy and unique venues and the bar was definitely that. The drinks were super cute and delicious. Shoutout to the best bartender Nick for keeping everyone’s glasses filled!

So here I am thinking I was just going to have about 20 people in attendance and about 50 came through styling and profiling! I had 3 Rules for the night. Introduce yourself to all the attendees, Post Post Post and use the hashtag and last but certainly not least, I challenged everyone to create a fashion worthy moment in the hotel! I chose the restroom. I don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful one.


oh and the Lobby Too….


Top | PuckerUp Nola (may have to contact her directly for shirts)

Pants | Pretty Little Thing

I was so inspired to be amongst so many go-getters. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the event! Stay tuned for more events and check out more scenes below!

I want to give a shoutout to my blogger boo Sam for creating the “Ultimate Moment”. If you need a pose instructor hit her up!

Style Blogger Samjah

Style Blogger Samjah

The Glitz Mix

I’m the girl that loves to dress up but I am over the club scene! I am on a mission to create fashion related events for the gal and guy like me. With two events under my belt I wanted to do something fun with a special attire component. I knew if I brought on another girl boss the event could realllllyy be successful. Who better than Jessica of Justini Cocktails! We met to exchange ideas and Voila, The Glitz Mix was created. Jessica and I both love to be in charge lol, so I did initially think it would be a sort of tug a war over our ideas but we didn’t disagree on anything. We actually meshed really well and it was the perfect partnership!

We knew we needed a bomb and unique venue for this holiday soiree and The Art Garage was perfect. Definitely, needed great food so Ginche Catering was the one to call. Some super cute and tasty sweets from Rosa Cakes, LLC. Drinks were taken care of by Justini of course. We also wanted our guests to have access to the best vendors in the city so they could start their Christmas shopping. We even had a special Glitz Mix coupon book and to seal the deal we had Dj Kristi Suga Cookie!

We asked that all attendees wear sequin attire and boy did they show up and show out! Everyone looked so beautiful and sparkly! See Gallery Below!

I was on the hunt for the perfect look but knew I wouldn’t find it in any stores. I contacted the one and only Paige of L’Jai Amor at the last minute to see if she could design a look for me. Paige made the look in a week she’s a beast ya’ll! I wanted a sequin jumper with a dramatic train. She definitely nailed the design. Let me know what ya’ll think!





Shoutout to everyone who supported the event. And a special thank you to our vendors and sponsors, we really appreciate you all!

The Jeunesse Dorée presents Garden of Fashion

My second event Garden of Fashion was a huge success. In my opinion New Orleans lacks fashion related events so I wanted to do a unique event for the spring. The party took place at the beautiful Hotel Storyville. Guests enjoyed food provided by Chef's Aid, LLC and cocktails by Justini Cocktails. There was a beautiful fashion show with designs by L'Jai Amor. Her collection was entitled "Garden of Fashion" which was so fitting for the occasion. I also had some of New Orleans hottest vendors that included Ugly Betty/Boy Crush, Summer Halves, Divaneeds, Kyst by Key, Shop With Tené, and PerfeklyFlawed. It was literally Food, Fashion, Cocktails & Fun! Visit the events tab for scenes from the event!

When I was on the hunt for the perfect outfit for my event, I wasn't going for a specific look. I just knew I would have a "That's It" moment! This ASOS textured jacquard dress with Japanese Cherry Blossom prints went perfectly with the theme. The flutter sleeves were to die for and the off the shoulder style was perfect for the weather. I paired it with some single strap silver heels. 





 photo Credit: David Sparkman Jr.