Saints vs Sinners

Typically I don't make a big deal about my birthday but I am always looking for reasons to dress up! I decided to do a Saints vs Sinners themed dinner party. Not sure why but the idea just came to me. I wanted the dinner to be a little fancy so I ordered chargers, designed place cards and ordered custom saints and sinners tags from Etsy! I initially booked a reservation at the Saints & Sinners restaurant on Bourbon. I visited the restaurant a month before, it looked nice on the inside but I couldn't stomach walking on Bourbon in my beautiful birthday dress and heels. Now I don't want ya'll thinking I am bougie but Bourbon literally makes me nauseous. I have a weak stomach and the smell along with the filthy ground doesn't help. No shade to anyone who still fancies Bourbon but I am just a long way from my college days. I use to be strapped with my sunflower seeds though.

Birthday Dinner at Saints vs Sinners Dinner Party

Birthday Dinner at Saints vs Sinners Dinner Party

My next option was The Saint Hotel. I remembered they had a restaurant and knew it would be the perfect place. The hotel is gorgeous and there were so many photo opportunities. The restaurant is quite small though, nice but small. I had all of my guests rsvp as a Saint or Sinner. I told them they had to draw inspiration from their favorite saint or sinner and serve A LOOK! I gave each Saint a white rose and each Sinner a red rose. I also lined the table with red roses for some extra drama. Although the restaurant's decor was to die for the food wasn't. I ordered the beef wellington which was decent but a few of my guests didn't enjoy their meals.

For my look I knew I wanted to be a Saint! I drew my inspiration from Archangel Michael who is a Leader, Protector, and Champion. I remember seeing this white sequin dress with feathers when I was on the hunt for a look for The Glitz Mix from Pretty Little Thing. I went to the site hoping I would be lucky enough to purchase the dress. It was there but my size was sold out! I think I had a mini panic attack. I wanted the dress so bad that I ordered a larger size and got it altered. I'm ashamed to say how much I paid for alterations but it was worth it. To complete my look I needed a halo! I purchased a gold spiked crown inspired by Queen Bey from Etsy.

Pretty Little Thing Plus Size Angel.jpg

St. Michael Archangel

Leader. Protector. Champion

plus size angel collage.png

I want to thank my friends and cousin for always participating in and supporting all of my crazy ideas. You all definitely granted my request and served looks! Check out more scenes from my birthday below and let me know what you think

Photo Credit: Britt Smith Photography and Charles Creative Company Photography