Creative Link Up Series - May

My third link up was held at the Rebellion Bar & Urban Kitchen. When I worked in the area about 4 years ago it it was a burger joint, however it has been beautifully transformed. There are some perfect purple couches in the front of the restaurant and dope paintings hanging on the walls. It was the perfect space to host a bunch of creatives. The food is pretty good, drinks are bomb and the music is nice. Shout out to Britt the bartender. I told her what I had a taste for and she said I got you… try our Love Potion #9. It was delicious but fair warning it involves TEQUILA!

Love Potion Number 9 at Rebellion Bar and Grill

Love Potion #9

I had a great turnout for this event. I even had someone travel from Baton Rouge. I met some dope people and made new connections. I love hosting these events because it gives individuals in similar fields to vibe out and discuss the ups and downs of their fields. Someone even told me they needed this event. It came at the right time and was inspired even more after attending the event. Comments like that make my day!

For my look I wanted something fun and creative! I went with a Lime Green Transparent Jacket which is currently on sale, and Pink Faux Leather Skirt from Pretty Little Thing. Pink and Green just flows together so well wouldn’t you say…haha. I paired the look with my favorite sparkly sneakers from Ego Official! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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