The JD Turns One!

I can't believe my blog is a year old. This was something I wanted to do since graduating college years ago and I put it off. Last year I said you know what, I'll step out on faith. Either it will fail miserably or it will be successful, but at least I can say I tried!

One year later I am happy to report, it has been successful. I enjoy inspiring women of all sizes to be confident. Wear what makes you happy and forget what anyone else has to say. I am extremely excited to see what the future holds, because this is only the beginning.

I had so much fun shooting with photographer Clint Blane. Take a look at some of my shots!

 Top | Asos 

Leggins | Forever 21 (Available in the Store)

Shoes | Local Boutique

 Snapped it up in front of one of my favorite places...can you guess where I am?!

 Don't Ever Let Anyone Dull Your SPARKLE!



As you can see, the confetti was my favorite part!