3 Years in the Game

As I sat here staring at my my computer I encountered writers block. My friend asked what is this post suppose to be about and I said "my 3rd Blogaversary and I can't think of what I've accomplished". She said girl a lot, "The JD Brunch Series, you did the Glitz Mix, and this and that". It's funny that you don't always realize how much you've accomplished and how far you've come. We all need that reminder every now and then. I'm thankful for the family and friends who acknowledge hard work and have no problem reminding you.

Britt Smith Photography-Jd Series-Anniversary 005

Britt Smith Photography-Jd Series-Anniversary 005

But 3 years has really flown by and when I look back I have accomplished several blogger goals. I wanted to:

  • Be more consistent with posting. When I tell ya'll it's a struggle. Most people don't know all the work it takes to get that pretty little picture. Plus I'm juggling a 9-5, event planning business, brand management business, etc. But I love what I do, I love blogging, I love fashion, I love inspiring confidence. So if I can put all that time into someone else's business I for damn sure can put it into my brand and business.

I also wanted to....

  • Have at least one fashion related event per year. I've been really consistent with my JD Brunch Series for influencers, Jessica(Justini Cocktails) and I made The Glitz Mix an annual Soiree and I have created a new Creatives Link Up Series so I am keeping myself very busy.


  • Start taking better care of my hair and trying new styles. I made an effort! I attended the What's Your Type? Natural Hair Affair, I've been trying twist-outs, and found a better wash-n-go routine.


Now there is one goal I haven't mastered and that's make-up but luckily I have my good sis Ri Make Faces for that!


Now I'm definitely not finished learning and growing but I think I'm on the right path. I've met so many girl bosses doing their thing and it's so inspiring. I've been putting in work and it can only get better from here. I just be needing a "Temperature Check" as my Soror Isaka would say every now in then to realize what I have accomplished and to pat myself on the back.


 I also want to give a big shoutout to my family because they come through for me time after time. Here I am thinking that's just what families do but not everyone has that support. I am truly blessed and when I get "on on" I'll make it rain on them like the photo above! P.S. my photographer Britt did the damn thing with this shoot! See more photos below!

H-Town Ya'll Ready?!

My cousin and I decided to go see Queen Bey and Jay in Houston for the OTRII Concert. My cousin convinced me to fly with Spriti Airlines. With all the horror stories I've heard, I have to admit I was a little  nervous. Spirit prices are extremely reasonable. They make up their fees with baggage charges, preferred seat selections, snack purchases etc. Spirit allows you to bring one personal item on board for free. I  wanted to stay within budget so I forced everything in a bag I borrowed from my aunt. I was so proud of myself! Usually I travel with a personal item, carry on bag and bigger luggage. Now granted I was only in Houston for a day lol but you get the point. Give a sister her props.

Spirit Size Carry-On Bag

Spirit Size Carry-On Bag

The plane was actually bigger than expected, I had enough leg room and we had the sweetest and most hilarious flight attendant on the way back. Oh they also did a free flight giveaway.

For my look I wanted to do something extra fun, comfy and Coachella like. I decided on a Sequin Fringed Jacket (similar), White Tank, Black Ripped Denim Shorts, and some Lace Up Heeled Combat Boots. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Untitled design (1).png

And shoutout to my cousin for these photos. You know that person that will get your photo no matter what…you know won’t huff and puff…that’s her. Thanks EEEE! We had so much fun at the concert.

Best Cousins

Best Cousins

Now ya’ll know I couldn’t travel to Houston without doing brunch. We linked up with two other cousin to dine at Phil & Dereck’s. It’s a black-owned restaurant that does a brunch buffet on Sundays. They had an omelet station, waffle bar, and $3 Mimosa Carafes…yes $3!!! The food and music was so good that it’s easy to forget you have a 2 hour time frame. It’s definitely the happening brunch spot so if you plan to go…go early because the line was almost wrapped around the block.

It was definitely a Sunday Funday! After brunch my cousin took us to The Address which is a sports bar/restaurant with a day party scene. The crowd is young and hip…definitely my type of crowd. The DJ was from New Orleans so he threw in a couple of N.O. Hits into the rotation. From Soulja Slim to Magnolia Shorty, he had the place rocking. We had so much fun that it was hard to leave.

For my look I wanted to be cute and casual. I through on this satin romper that I purchased last year from Forever 21 and my new favorite tennis shoes from Ego Official.

I’m the Shit !

I’m the Shit !

Overall I had a fun little weekend getaway. It was definitely needed.


“Elevate, elevate…Only obligation is to tell it straight…So much on my plate I gotta delegate. Who else is jamming to Drake’s Scorpion Album? I definitely think it’s the album of the summer.

Elevate has always been my mood but recently more so now than in the past. I recently got to work with Karleen Roy of The Vanity Group. She produced several activations for the Essence Music Festival. It’s funny because over the years I would apply and apply for the jobs with the company Essence hired to produce the festival. I would snag an interview but never land the job. This year I got to be in the room with some of the people that hired that same company. That’s even more ammunition for me to keep going.

Throughout the weekend I got to be in the presence so many movers and shakers..I’m talking millionaires. I left each day with more encouragement and more confirmation that I was on the right path.

As you elevate there are going to be people around you who don’t understand and that’s okay. Those are the people that can’t come with you on your journey. I am no longer feeling guilty about elevating. No longer wishing for support. I am no longer sparing feelings. I just don’t have it in me.


Those who are not for you will show themselves sooner than later and when they exit, count it as a blessing. There were so many jewels that were dropped during the weekend and I thought I would leave you with some:

“Eliminate Negative People…You Can Always Keep them in Prayer but not in Person”.

“Be Picky About Your Circle…Take Note of the Friends that want to Co-Sign instead of being apart of the Original Investment”.

Cool Down

The last few days have been scorchers in Nola, so I have been trying to dress as cool as possible. Plus hot summer days are the perfect time to indulge in what some of you may refer to as a “snowcone” but here in New Orleans we call them Snowballs.


It is also important to find ways to cool down mentally. Your Mental Health is extremely important and you need to take care of your mind, body and soul. After being in a high stressed environment I like to take some time to myself. Even if its 10 minutes, you need that alone time. Cut off the tv, put the phone on silent; you have a right not to answer the phone if you know someone is about to interrupt your peace.


Dress | Forever 21

Also, utilize the word “No”! Ya’ll it’s so satisfying! I used to do certain things to accommodate people or consider others feelings over mine but nah! If I don’t want to do it the answer is NO!

And third treat yourself, take a spa day, get a sno-ball, girl get that dress you been eyeing in that boutique! Some may say this is bad but I love retail therapy! Yes I know “mATeRiAL tHIngS arENt evERYthINg” *Insert Spongebob Meme* but these are my methods! What are some methods you use to de-stress?

The Perfect Kimono

Kimonos are definitely a statement piece and can transform any outfit. Whether you are pairing it with a dress or t-shirt and jeans, it just works. I’ve been told they look like robes but apparently I don’t care…let me live with my robes. I am always on the hunt for ones that make a statement and this floral one immediately caught my eye in It’s Fashion. Yes It’s Fashion!

Sidenote: Ya’ll better start shopping everywhere and stop sleeping on the cheaper stores.


I paired the floral kimono with all white because I wanted the Kimono to get all the shine. My shoes were from Burlington’s, Jeans FashionNova, $5 Tank from It’s Fashion and I got the bag off Amazon. I paired a few inexpensive pieces and came up with this bomb look. Run to your local It’s Fashion and see if you can find this Kimono. Unfortunately, their items aren’t for sale on the website. Maybe we should write them to change that…but first write them and tell them I would be a bomb brand ambassador!

Here are some other Kimonos I am currently crushing on:

1.  Forever 21

2.   ASOS

3.  FashionNova

4.    Forever 21

NY What's Good

My cousin and I decided to return to New York this summer. We had such a great time last year that it was definitely a must for this year. We arrived to the New Orleans Airport at 6:15am and the flight was set to leave at 7am. Crazy I know…but I woke up a little later than planned. My cousin always travels light with just a carry-on but ya’ll know me…I have to travel with a large suitcase. We were going to be there for 4 days and I had to be prepared! I commend everyone who’s able to travel with just a carry-on. I don’t know how ya’ll do it!

I was extremely nervous because Delta Airlines always has a long bag check line and that was the case this time. The airline worker told me my bag may not make it on the flight and we better run to make it on board. That’s just what we did. All out of breath we were the last two to board the plane lol. It’s funny now but I was frazzled. Never Again! What size luggage do you travel with? Let me know in the comments.


Currently Crushing on this set from Urban Outfitters.

We linked up with some of my college friends at TreehouseBK which is a bar and restaurant on the first night. We got some complimentary Tequila shots so the night started off great. It’s small but super chill. The drinks are great and food is fire. Get the Sweet Chili Wings if you go. There is also a cute patio at the back of the restaurant. My friend Lauren then took us to Las’Lap on Orchard Street for a friend’s birthday. I got blessed with a complimentary glass of champagne. New York is expensive so I was getting excited for these small victories! The restaurant has only been open for a few months but it’s super chic and the music is great. Drinks are a bit pricey but hey it’s New York!


Night One Outfit

Top | Asos

Bottoms | FashionNova

Bag | SimplyBe

Shoes | Local Store

On Saturday we got up wanting to explore but first Brunch was a must! We caught an uber ride to Harlem to the restaurant Chocolat. Sidebar: Try NOT to Uber. Those fees add up but if you must… definitely do UberPool. The brunch was a bit pricey but when I tell ya’ll it was the best meal we had on the trip! The red velvet pancakes and fried chicken was to die for! They also had bottomless mimosas so that was an automatic win! We visited Black Ink and met the show’s Wardrobe Stylist and another tattoo artist. Caesar and Teddy actually opened a shop in New Orleans. The regular crew was out and about preparing for their trip to New Orleans. We passed through Central Park and did some shopping at Fulton Mall back in Brooklyn. I even scored two pairs of cute sunnies for $5 each from one of the vendors on the street. I loved my day two look. I got so many compliments on my top. Too bad it’s sold out.


Day Two Outfit

Top | Spread LA : Geeked Plus

Bottoms | Forever 21 (similar)

Shoes | Footlocker

Saturday night we decided to try this lounge called Katra but it definitely had the feel of a night club. It was very as the kids would say “LIT”. The crowd was mixed and the DJ was okay. My cousin enjoyed him but I like to hear a little trap music every now and then. #PrettyGirlsLikeTrapMusic. We still had fun and met some cool people. I guess the stereotype isn’t true, we met some pretty friendly New Yorkers. I was worried about having a long sleeve dress but the weather was beautiful. I hate that the picture is dark and blurry.


Night Two Outfit


Bag | Forever 21

Shoes | Steve Madden

I’ll have to say Sunday was the most fun! We started our day with the most “LIT” brunch I have ever attended. Woodland is located in Brooklyn and is definitely a restaurant you should experience. You are given a two hour limit and the waitress has to hold a credit card and ID from one of the guests at your table, I believe they may have had some issues with people rolling out without paying their bill. It’s a party atmosphere and everyone is there to have a good time. People are up out their seats and dancing in between bites! I ordered the Brioche French Toast with Fresh Berries and Apple-Wood Smoked Bacon with Bottomless Mimosas of course! The food wasn’t the Best I Ever Had *No Drake* but the cost was worth the experience. Plus somebody 50 year old daddy gave us one hell of a show lol. You’ll have to visit my NYC highlights on IG to see. For the outfit, I was looking forward to wearing this look. I came across the hat on my boo Renae’s (check out her blog) Instastory. I was like I need the hat sis. I don’t know how it’s going to work with my big head and hair but I need it!


Day Three Outfit

Hat | Zara

T-Shirt | Forever 21

Skirt | It’s Fashion

Bag | Forever 21

After brunch we did a little more shopping then went to Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar . I ordered the Strawberry Lemongrass flavored Prosecco & Ice Pop cocktail. It was delicious but expensive. The drink plus gratuity was $30. Yikes…right but I just had to have one. This is just a cute place to go to. I wouldn’t recommend going if you’re trying to get a buzz.

Monday we got lost on the Subway (lol), visited Times Square and met Lauren at Essence Bar where they have a pretty good happy hour. Ladies and Gents go here if you want a buzz. We left on Tuesday and it was an overall good trip. I love traveling with my cousin. We get along great and always have a good time. Luckily we’ll always have a place to stay when we visit New York. My aunt is originally from New Orleans but has been living in New York for over 50 years. Check out some more photos below from my trip!

Blogger's Closet Sale

After having brunch with some fellow bloggers one Sunday, we thought it would be a cool idea to host a Bloggers Closet Sale. It’s amazing what ideas you can dream up when you sit and chat with like minded creative individuals… shout out to The JD Brunch Series!

Samjah of Style & Energy and  Derra Howard were down and I wanted to recruit two more fashionistas. I reached out to Savanah of Following Sunshine and Michelle West and they were both in!

@MichelleWest , @followingsunshine_ , and @samjahiman

@MichelleWest , @followingsunshine_ , and @samjahiman

We hosted the event at Bacakatown Coffee Parlour on Basin St. It’s a locally-owned coffee boutique where you can find premiere coffee, espresso drinks, loose leaf teas, juice, fresh baked pastries and desserts; plus free wifi! Their chicken salad croissant sandwich is really delicious. They also host various social events!

The event was extremely successful and we hope to have another one soon. Thank you to everyone who came out to support! If you missed the closet sale I will be adding pieces to PoshMark! Download the app and check out my closet at @jdseries !

The JD Series

The JD Series

It's Still Boot Season

The weather has been extra crazy in New Orleans lately. Now it’s normal to experience different seasons in one month, however it’s just been on a new level. I decided to pair my CiCi Hot boots with a dress I purchased from Curvie Kouture. It was a little short on me so I added a pair of black denim shorts. The image was super cute but what attracted me most to the dress was the sleeves. I love a dramatic Sleeve and these were made of tulle! I figured this outfit was perfect for the bipolar weather.


Now the boots…this was my second time wearing them. My calves are usually too big for boots in the straight sizes category and a tad too small for boots in the plus size category. I am always on the hunt for boots that stretch. So without question, I went back to CiCi Hot because it was where I purchased my pink suede thigh high boots that I am madly in love with. Well these were a struggle to pull up over my calves, so if you think your calves are bigger than mine…don’t buy them.


I am also trying to find more statement pieces when it comes to jewelry because I will wear out a gold hoop and simple necklace chile. Lately, I’ve been able to count on H&M to have some popping statement earrings, (I did purchase these before the “coolest monkey in the jungle” incident…are we still mad at them?) the one located on N Peters in the French Quarters is my favorite.


I had a lot of fun shooting this outfit!

Earrings | H&M

Dress | Curvie Kouture

Boots | CiCi Hot


So this is 31…like guys I really can’t believe I am 31 lol. God allowed me to see 31 years. I am truly blessed…”Ain’t No Complaints” I know we all have a few things we wish were different like bigger salaries at your job or you may want to lose a few pounds, but if you think about it those are very minor changes. You’re alive! You have your sight, you can walk, you still have your mom or your dad, when I sometimes want to complain I think about how blessed I am and what others may not have.

I’m predicting that year 31 will be a great one. More traveling, more boss moves, more slaying, more life!

I decided to bring in my birthday at the Pisco Bar located in The Catahoula Boutique Hotel. I ordered the Ican75 which is a play on the French75. It was delicious! My Donna Sequin Embellished Mesh Skater Dress from ASOS was the perfect birthday dress! I felt so sparkly! The dress is on sale so hurry if you want to purchase it!


No Competition...Just Motivation

Looking back I honestly can’t think of a time where I was jealous of someone. I know some of you are like “girl stop lying, you done been jealous before” but seriously I can’t! I never envied a person for what they had. If anything I was motivated.

I’ve learned that everyone has their own journey and it may seem as though their journey is moving a little faster than yours but God has your own story planned out for you. Everything will happen in “due time but until then just grind”.

I don’t see other creatives in my industry as competition. I am always looking to see what I can learn from them. Recently I collaborated on an event with Jessica of Justini Cocktails. We both have had several successful events on our own so I decided to reach out to her and see if she wanted to collaborate on “The Glitz Mix”. It was the perfect partnership, I was introduced to her audience and she was introduced to mine. We put our brains together and produced the most successful event I have had thus far. Her work ethic and go-getter attitude constantly motivates me.

I am motivated by Kandice Guice, my linesister and friend. I started my blog 2 years ago and in all honesty I had been slacking. Seeing Kandice launch her blog and reaching major success after a few months inspired me to get my life together. I said you know what..I’m going to be consistent, plus her checkins via text every once in a while also helps lol

Sidenote: Now I am competitive when it comes to UNO and Taboo, like nobody can see me. For real for real but any who…

There are many girl bosses I have benefited from just by getting to know them. You could miss out on a major opportunity trying to compete. Empowered women empower women…don’t be basic.

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Shirt : Kandice Guice Collection

Leather Jacket: Forever 21(similar)

Jeans : Fashion Nova

Check out some other fab bosses rocking the Kandice Guice Collection!


On Track

Is anyone else addicted to Target? Like when you go in you just want to buy everything. This is not a sponsored post. I repeat this is not a sponsored post, HOWEVER Target if you want to sponsor ya girl get at me. Every time I visit Target I head straight for the Dollar Spot then to the clothing. I’ve been wanting to try the Track Pants trend and was excited to see some at Target. I paired the pants with a light sweater with fancy sleeves, red pumps and my favorite gold earrings. Let me know what ya’ll think!

Gold Earrings with tassles
Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Earrings : H&M

Sweater : Target

Pants : Target

Anything for Selenas

Who else was a Selena fan?! Where’s my Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Crew?! At a young age I loved her music. Didn’t know what I was singing but music is the universal language right? I also appreciated her style!

Recently I have been noticing a bunch of Selena shirts at different retailers, so I had to grab one. I paired it with a patent leather skirt, a long denim jacket and flat booties for a casual cool look. I also added my fur purse for a classy contrast. Will you be grabbing a Selena Tee? Let me know what ya’ll think?

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Britt Smith Photography

Denim Jacket : Rue 21

T-shirt : Forever 21

Skirt : Forever 21

Boots : Forever 21

Year 2!

No balloons or confetti this year for my blogiversary. Just a promise to myself and readers to be more consistent with my posts and continue to bring you more unique fashion related events.The year has flown by and I want to thank my mom and bro for filling in as my photographer when needed, my besties Wit and Nu who were my personal assistants on my very first shoot lol and when I needed my make-up and/or hair done. Everyone who constantly like and leave positive comments on my posts; and those who have attended, sponsored and participated in my events!In this short period I have learned a lot through other fellow bloggers as well as personal experiences.

  • Blogging isn't for everyone. You must love it in order to remain consistent. You have to treat it as your job. There's a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes in order to present great content.
  • You must have your coins in order. It can get pricey. Set a budget. When you first start out you're not going to receive free wardrobe or products immediately. 90% of the clothing I wear is purchased by me and about 10% has been sponsored. You'll need a really great camera or photographer to capture your style. Plus if you suck at makeup like me, you'll need a bomb.com make-up artist. (If that's the look you're going for. I am here for the natural glow as well)
  • Build relationships! This is not a competition, at least not for me. I love connecting and collaborating with other bloggers. You can learn so much by sharing information with other creatives in the industry. I love my blogger babes, be sure to check them out: Sam of Style and Energy, Kin of NaturallyNex, My sissss Kan of Kandice Guice, Bri of Confessions of A Beauty & Style Blog, & Elle of Lola Me Up!
  • And most importantly BE YOU! As the saying goes everyone else is taken.

At the end of the day it's a learning process and I am still learning. I am excited to see what year two has in store. It can only get better from here!Now about this outfit, I've had this Ashley Stewart's top for a minute now and I have been dying to wear it. The sleeves are to die for and I think off the shoulder tops are flattering on everyone. I paired it with some bell-bottom inspired black pants from Forever 21 and my favorite heels from Steve Madden. P.S. ya'll are going to see these shoes a lot. Because I love them...okay? Okay.    

Top | Ashley Stewart

Pants | Forever 21

Shoes | Steve Madden

New Orleans Fashion Week 2017

I was extremely excited when I was granted a media pass for New Orleans Fashion Week! This was my first New Orleans Fashion Week, so I was looking forward to seeing what it was all about. I attended three events. The first was the Kick Off Party at the W Hotel in the French Quarter. The atmosphere and vibe was super cool. It was great to be amongst other fashion lovers.

New Orleans Fashion Week 2017

Dress : Rue21

The second event was Up Close and Personal with Pedram Couture at Café Adelaide! Predram is well-known for his wedding dresses and red carpet looks. He’s dressed many celebrities; Ashanti, KeKe Palmer, Teyonah Parris, and Christina Milian just to name a few. I also got to meet the Tracee Dundas who’s the Creative Director of New Orleans Fashion Week. See photos below:

Tracee Dundas Creative Director of New Orleans Fashion Week

Tracee Dundas Creative Director

The Finale Show took place at the Civic Theatre. Models ripped the runway wearing some of New Orleans’ top designers and retailers. My top standout designers were Clinton Whitney Downingand De’Andre’ Beverly.

Overall I enjoyed my Fashion Week experience and I am definitely looking forward to next year.

Naturally New Orleans

I love my city and it's culture. There's really no place like New Orleans. There's always something going on in the city and on Sunday, March 19, 2017 we celebrated "Super Sunday". It's a day for the city's Mardi Gras Indian tribes to put on their beautiful suits that they work on all year and march through the streets.

I decided to keep it simple with an all denim look for this festive occasion.


 Top : Asos

DIY Shorts : Forever 21

Sandals : Old Navy



Aldo has really been coming through with the accessories lately and I've been giving them all my money. My new sunnies and faux fur purse are two of my favorite items! My Eloquii dress was the perfect LBD for my sorority event at English Turn Golf & Country Club on Sunday evening. The attire was black and/or white and you know you can never go wrong with an LBD! The rhinestone sunnies, choker, and Chanel Brooch gave the look a more Luxe feel! Quick Tip: Ladies if you spot a super cute choker and it doesn't fit, purchase a few necklace extenders! (Thanks Nu!)





Sunnies : Aldo Shoes

Choker : Charming Charlie

Bag : Aldo Shoes

Dress : Eloquii

Shoes : Asos (Similar)

Photo Credit: David Sparkman Jr.

Girls Night Out

This outfit broke the internet lol. Many ladies were raving about the boots! I know the struggle when it comes to finding boots to fit plus size calves. Usually my calves are too big for straight sizes and too small for plus sizes. When I came across these boots on CiCi Hot's website I decided to give them a try because of the stretch material. These are now my favs! They are super chic and comfortable. I decided to pair them with a LBD from Rebdollsa jean jacket from Shop Love Yourz and I couldn't wait to break out my new purse from DSW by Aldo. A perfect look for a Girls Night Out!



Jacket : Shop Love Yourz

Dress :  Rebdolls

Boots : CiCi Hot (Similar)

Purse : DSW (Similar)

Photo Credit: David Sparkman Jr.