It's Still Boot Season

The weather has been extra crazy in New Orleans lately. Now it’s normal to experience different seasons in one month, however it’s just been on a new level. I decided to pair my CiCi Hot boots with a dress I purchased from Curvie Kouture. It was a little short on me so I added a pair of black denim shorts. The image was super cute but what attracted me most to the dress was the sleeves. I love a dramatic Sleeve and these were made of tulle! I figured this outfit was perfect for the bipolar weather.


Now the boots…this was my second time wearing them. My calves are usually too big for boots in the straight sizes category and a tad too small for boots in the plus size category. I am always on the hunt for boots that stretch. So without question, I went back to CiCi Hot because it was where I purchased my pink suede thigh high boots that I am madly in love with. Well these were a struggle to pull up over my calves, so if you think your calves are bigger than mine…don’t buy them.


I am also trying to find more statement pieces when it comes to jewelry because I will wear out a gold hoop and simple necklace chile. Lately, I’ve been able to count on H&M to have some popping statement earrings, (I did purchase these before the “coolest monkey in the jungle” incident…are we still mad at them?) the one located on N Peters in the French Quarters is my favorite.


I had a lot of fun shooting this outfit!

Earrings | H&M

Dress | Curvie Kouture

Boots | CiCi Hot