No Competition...Just Motivation

Looking back I honestly can't think of a time where I was jealous of someone. I know some of you are like "girl stop lying, you done been jealous before" but seriously I can't! I never envied a person for what they had. If anything I was motivated.I've learned that everyone has their own journey and it may seem as though their journey is moving a little faster than yours but God has your own story planned out for you. Everything will happen in "due time but until then just grind".I don't see other creatives in my industry as competition. I am always looking to see what I can learn from them. Recently I collaborated on an event with Jessica of Justini Cocktails. We both have had several successful events on our own so I decided to reach out to her and see if she wanted to collaborate on "The Glitz Mix". It was the perfect partnership, I was introduced to her audience and she was introduced to mine. We put our brains together and produced the most successful event I have had thus far. Her work ethic and go-getter attitude constantly motivates me.I am motivated by Kandice Guice, my linesister and friend. I started my blog 2 years ago and in all honesty I had been slacking. Seeing Kandice launch her blog and reaching major success after a few months inspired me to get my life together. I said you know what..I'm going to be consistent, plus her checkins via text every once in a while also helps lolSidenote: Now I am competitive when it comes to UNO and Taboo, like nobody can see me. For real for real but any who...There are many girl bosses I have benefited from just by getting to know them. You could miss out on a major opportunity trying to compete. Empowered women empower women...don't be basic.Britt Smith PhotographyBritt Smith Photography Britt Smith Photography

Shirt : Kandice Guice Collection

Leather Jacket: Forever 21(similar)

Jeans : Fashion Nova

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