What's Wrong with Being Confident

Blac Chyna posted a Fashion Nova ad on her Instagram page the other day and it was a plus size blogger in a swimsuit. People were dragging the blogger in the comment section. Now I know people make silly jokes all the time, believe me Black Twitter always has me cracking up; but these comments were just cruel. It was so many that when I was scrolling it was all I saw. I thought to myself why are all of these people so angry that she's Fat? Like what's it to you? Why are you mad that she's secure with herself and owns her size? I realized that people hide behind their own insecurities by spewing hatred to others. All you can do is pray for them because they are actually miserable on the inside.Thankfully growing up I was blessed with a mom who always encouraged me and told me I was beautiful. I also had to find confidence within myself and not care what others thought about me. Society has created this idea of beauty and not everyone fits the bill. That's the beauty of the human race, we come in all shapes, sizes and shades. I am starting to see more plus size representation and I love it. We haven't reached our full potential but I think we have come much further than we were years ago.Ladies and Gents, I want to encourage you to wear what you want and do as you please. I'm going to continue to do so and I want you to join in on this Slayage! Whoever doesn't like it can kiss our FAT shhhh! Now back to the fashion at hand...

My look was inspired by two of my favorite fashionistas Karleen Roy of The Vanity Group and Samjah of Style & Energy
When I saw these white boots in It's Fashion(similar) I knew it was meant to be! I paired them with a white faux leather strapless top from Fashion Nova and my ripped boyfriend jeans from Forever 21 (similar). I think the look came together! Let me know what you think in the comments!