Cool Down

The last few days have been scorchers in Nola, so I have been trying to dress as cool as possible. Plus hot summer days are the perfect time to indulge in what some of you may refer to as a “snowcone” but here in New Orleans we call them Snowballs.


It is also important to find ways to cool down mentally. Your Mental Health is extremely important and you need to take care of your mind, body and soul. After being in a high stressed environment I like to take some time to myself. Even if its 10 minutes, you need that alone time. Cut off the tv, put the phone on silent; you have a right not to answer the phone if you know someone is about to interrupt your peace.


Dress | Forever 21

Also, utilize the word “No”! Ya’ll it’s so satisfying! I used to do certain things to accommodate people or consider others feelings over mine but nah! If I don’t want to do it the answer is NO!

And third treat yourself, take a spa day, get a sno-ball, girl get that dress you been eyeing in that boutique! Some may say this is bad but I love retail therapy! Yes I know “mATeRiAL tHIngS arENt evERYthINg” *Insert Spongebob Meme* but these are my methods! What are some methods you use to de-stress?